Happy 2nd Birthday Arabella Jane!!!

Happy Birthday Arabella! I can’t believe you are two already. Time flies so fast. I’m so happy to have known you since you were in your mommy’s tummy. I always look forward to our visits. Your little cheeky smile is infectious in the most beautiful way. Your 2nd party was a blast. You just might be the cutest thing ever,…

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Christmas Photos in January

Oh, the magic of Christmas. I treasure little faces all lit up with joy and excitement. Photographing children and their families is one of my favorite things. This season, I didn’t bother advertising to do holiday pics as my schedule has been absolutely crazy and sadly photography has taken a bit of backseat, but at least I got these two shoots in….

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Happy 1st Birthday Baby Jessica

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Jessica!!! I can’t believe you are one already. Time flies so fast. You are such a beautiful and joyful little soul and you share my name, so that automatically makes you extra special 🙂 Thanks to this girl, Eden, I met your grandma Magnolia nearly 12 years ago. You are one lucky girl to have her…

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Newborn Photography – This Day, That Year

Newborn Photography – This Day (Feb 1), That Year (2009) On This Day, That Year (2009), I was off photographing these two beautiful newborn babies, Claudia and Jayden. Crazy to think they are now 5 years old. I am amazed to look back and see how far I have come as a photographer in the past 5 years. I was…

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Winter in Paris

It is 81 degrees at the end of December here in California. It never feels like winter here. I repeatedly mention that I would much rather go to the snow and other wacky weather than have it come to me. When our little nephew Winston Kinson was only a few months old we had a gorgeous couple of weeks of…

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Pregnancy Photos

Amanda and Ruben are about to have a baby! That is the lovely Ruben and Amanda above. The light ring around them was the anticipated lens flare. I love to dance with the sun especially on pregnancy photo shoots as a baby’s face is alien until birth but we all know they will quickly become the sparkle of our lives, plus…

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RockStars and Their Babies

It started as a project for a college photography course I was taking. We had to come up with an idea for a photo series. I had recently started calling my business RockStars and Babies because those are my two favorite things to photograph. They have a similar uninhibited vibe, babies are that way all the time and on stage…

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Newborn Photo Shoot

These are from a newborn photo shoot that I did with Mandy and Craig and their new tiny dancer, Camila Sky.  I love babies and capturing their sweet essence. My baby fever is sky high. I can’t walk past one without wanting to hold it. My friends call me “the baby whisperer”.  Sounds made up but it is true, I…

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Lil Presley on the Santa Monica Pier holding pink and blue balloons.   Related posts: Cute Kids Services Stars in Joshua Tree

Cute Kids

Little cute kids on the Santa Monica pier. Related posts: Services


I love to photograph all kinds of things, but specialize in RockStars and Babies! I also love to shoot weddings. I am available for hire and live in the Los Angeles area. These are some of the services I provide.   RockStars:   I shoot album covers, press shots, tour photos (I love going on the road), head shots, rockstars with their…

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