Christmas Photos in January

    Oh, the magic of Christmas. I treasure little faces all lit up with joy and excitement. Photographing children and their families is one of my favorite things. This season, I didn’t bother advertising to do holiday pics as my schedule has been absolutely crazy and sadly photography has taken a bit of backseat, but at least I got these two shoots in.


    The first two little ones are Griffin and his little sister Matilda Bird; These two above are Camila and her baby brother Miles. The momma’s of both these families are named Mandy.


    Griffin, Keith, Matilda, and Mandy

    This was an unexpectedly hard holiday season for both families. Mandy P. (above) suddenly lost her mom around Thanksgiving and Mandy T.(below) without warning lost her dad a few days before Christmas. I always wish there were words I could find to help ease pain but when something like that happens there are no words. These four babies are all angelic and are little lights in the midst of everything else. These two families are beautiful inside and out and my heart goes out to them as they go into 2015 missing someone so special. Hug your babies and loved ones, hold them tight, and show them love every chance you get.


    Craig, Miles, Camila, and Mandy

    Camila isn’t sure just which holiday is coming up, she didn’t want to let go of her Easter Bunny cup. Both Mandy’s were pregnant at the same time, twice. Mandy P. had little Griffin first. He has to be the cutest and most stylish boy ever!


    I don’t have the photos handy but when Griffie was just a couple of months old, I was his nanny (for the first year) and I did Mandy T.’s pregnancy photos at his house with baby Griff as my lovely assistant in his Ergo Baby Carrier. A few months after that came this sweet girl, Camila Sky!

    A couple of years later, it was like deja vu. Mandy P. had this little gorgeous being, Tillie Bird.


    and not long after, the handsome Miles arrived.


    Seriously these are two of the sweetest families in LA. I’ve always told them about each other, but they have yet to meet. I think I gotta change that 🙂 Here are a few more from both families in no particular order.










    I hope 2015 is beautiful for you all!




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