This is the second round of fundraising that RockStars and Babies is doing for Easter Seals Southern California and Camp Oakes this year. I have been a volunteer at Camp Oakes for a week each year for 11 years. It is a special place that I hold very dear. Everything at the camp is adaptive so everyone can participate in all activities. If you aren’t going to bid on any of these fabulous items but would still like to donate, you can donate directly to our camp here (please include RockStars and Babies on sub-line so we can keep up with how much we raise). For more information on Camp Oakes, check out this blog.

    For round two of this auction, As of August 3rd, You can bid on a copy of Nancy and Ann Wilson from Heart’s book, “Kicking and Dreaming”  here, at a starting price of $150.  Thanks once again ladies for being so awesome to Easter Seals and Camp Oakes! We love you more than you could imagine and you have helped many go to camp. See story at the end of this blog about our last auction that included a package with this book, a signed Ronson guitar, and signed photos by the ever so generous Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart.



    We also have a SIGNED LUMINEERS RECORD that comes with an unsigned CD, three rubber bracelets, and two bumper stickers. The starting price is only $75. Auction will start on August 3rd and can be found here. Special thanks to The Lumineers, Onto Entertainment, and Brett Bryngelson at MusiCares for making this one happen. auctionR2-7281

    Brett Bryngelson and MusiCares really came through for us this year. You can bid on a SIGNED BY JACKSON BROWN “Going Home” DVD as of Aug 3.


    This gorgeous Moonstone Necklace and Hoop Earrings set by Melissa Joy Manning is stunning. We once again thank MusiCares and Brett Bryngelson for this donation. Bidding starts at $150 on August 3rd, here. It is valued at $790. Check out her beautiful website.


    Last, but not least, we have a portrait of STEVE JOBS taken by famous rock photographer NORMAN SEEF with a very early version of the Mac computer! This is a test print and goes up August 3, 2014 as well. It is 28 X 22 with border and is unsigned. You can bid on it here. Thanks to Norman Seef and Maryann Matiello for this one.


    Here is the story from our first auction this year. The sisters from the band, Heart have been so amazing to Easter Seals and our Camp Oakes over the past few years and we really can’t thank them enough. This year Nancy Wilson donated a signed Ronson Standard guitar which we made a package out of that also included a signed copy of their book, “Kicking and Dreaming” as well as a couple of signed photograph’s by Nancy with the guitar. I don’t usually post negative things, but I must tell people to beware of Ebay’s “Global Shipping Program” that you are now automatically signed up for. The buyer was from Canada and super sweet and understanding through everything but I had no idea about this “Global Shipping Program” and neither did she. Long story short, the guitar went to “The Global Shipping Program” in Kentucky first, after a while they sent our buyer a tracking number saying the guitar was on it’s way from The Global Shipping Program to her, then the day after it was to be delivered her tracking number stopped working. We both wasted many hours on the phone with a combination of Ebay and PayPal and waited on calls from “The Global Shipping Program” which each time were supposed to happen within 24 hours. Of course, there was no way to contact the program directly and the calls never came. Thankfully, they did admit that “The Global Shipping Program” was at fault and the buyer was credited the amount she paid and I was credited the amount that the guitar sold for, MINUS the extra shipping fees and Ebay fees. Ebay still took money for the sale of the guitar even though the item was never delivered and seems to have vanished into thin air. OK, rant over and since I really don’t have much choice but to sell again through Ebay, that is what I am doing :/

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