Happy 2nd Birthday Arabella Jane!!!

    Happy Birthday Arabella!

    I can’t believe you are two already. Time flies so fast. I’m so happy to have known you since you were in your mommy’s tummy. I always look forward to our visits. Your little cheeky smile is infectious in the most beautiful way. Your 2nd party was a blast. arabella2-0295You just might be the cutest thing ever, whether, smiling or looking all serious.

    arabella2-0282Thanks for inviting me to your party. I love watching you grow. Enjoy every second. You will wish you could just grow up faster and do all the things the big kids do; we all do that. One day you’re two, the next your adding a zero to the end of that two and all the sudden you wish you could get the same time you wished would speed up to slow right back down or freeze. It just goes faster and faster. Live life to the fullest, have no fear, keep your head on your shoulders and your heart in the clouds, question authority, treat everyone you meet with love and equality, and always follow your beautiful, curious, and sweet soul.

    arabella2-0535Family and friends rock!


    arabella2-0531You are surrounded by love.






    arabella2-0622Your cousin Christopher has a great imagination. He was telling me about slaying the evil donkey. You can see his severed leg there in the photo below. It was a heroic move, Chris said the donkey was a trying to end the whole world. He put the “donkey blood” in a red Gatorade bottle. He is a super hero. Here you are thanking him for saving you from the evil donkey that was out to destroy the world. We found out in the end that the donkey was filled with candy… just goes to show everyone has a sweet side. Always keep a childlike imagination. Day Dream. Everyday.

    arabella2-0402You already have some pretty great friends. Keep in touch with them and always be someone they can count on. arabella2-0319



    arabella2-0389Put the electronics down, play with your buddies, and remember the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people”. Your mom and dad are idea people, I have no doubt you will follow in their footsteps. You are an inventor and a genius, show those average and small minds how it is done.

    Girls can always love science, rocket ships, trucks, playing in the mud and all the same things boys love.


    arabella2-0322 Same way boys can love to play “double-dutch jump rope”, love flowers, and all things pink.

    arabella2-0498Be funky, find your own style. Tattoo’s like daddy, perhaps?

    arabella2-0571Crazy dancing cats especially ones with headphones on like my good buddy Joel likes?arabella2-0344No matter what, always be your fantastic self!arabella2-0339Create! Create! Create!

    arabella2-0642Your french toast on fire with blue flames is awesome! I bet it will sell for zillions!

    arabella2-0315Enjoy being two, sweet Arabella. I’m sure you will test all the boundaries. Rock on girl!







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