Project Pot Pie 2014 – Success!!!

    To say Project Pot Pie 2014 was successful would be an understatement. For the past 13+ years that have been serving up pot pies, each year a little more gets figured out and it becomes that much bigger of an experience the following year. For a little back story on how it came to be check out last year’s preparation blog. These girls made up a huge part of our team this year!


    It was always a one-woman project that I did under the name of my “company” and with the exception of the year Maria helped and we were able to use a double oven that she had use of where we pumped out 150 pies, the most I ever did alone was about 125.

    potPiesl-0577 by .

    Last year, for the first time ever, we had a whole team and we made 200 + Pies! You can read about last years prep here and success here. Ashley and Kathy are both intuitive and inventive and without these girls, the last two years wouldn’t have been near as fruitful as they were. Last year, we kicked off the gift bags (before last year the bags only had a drink and fork in them and most of the time those items weren’t served in bag form). We learned so much working as team last year that this year went twice as fast.  When Kathy said we needed to be done by three, my heart sank a little and I thought there was no way we could make it in that amount of time. I’ve been cooking pot pies for so many years and never had it NOT taken a whole day. It was adequately planned in a short amount of time and the vision continues to grow; I love having these girls be a part of that vision. These Girl Scouts from troops #925 and #5495 seriously ROCK! They took things seriously and worked very hard.

    PotPieProject2014srgb-2This year we did about the same amount of pot pies but in significantly less time. These 5 girl scouts kicked butt! The girls each made at least 2 full pie filling recipes on their own, helped top pies with crust, stuffed bags, tore sheets of aluminum foil to top pies with, and made the cool sign so people would know where to go.


    Joining in on the efforts for the day were Kathy Vigil and Ashley Halverson who have made the past two years bigger than expected by letting use thier kitchens’ and by finding local volunteers to let us use theirs. Tim Walker (below) was on pie crusts all day, making them perfect each time and Jaime Wyatt (below) and Cyn De Harven were on whatever was needed at the time, switching easily between tasks. Also without Ellen and Patti letting us use their ovens, there would have been no way the pies would have gone out that fast. Ashley you can see in the first photo (she also donated the carrying tins this year). Kathy and Cyn requested no pics of them, I didn’t even get to meet Ellen and only met Patti for a second, but I promise they were all there (or stationed at their ovens) and in full force!!! Again, this year, I don’t have a whole bunch of great photos of the process as there is always so much to do on the day of.


    Alan Frazier was the best runner ever! This must have been the only fraction of a second that Alan stood still (and he is a little blurry so I think he was in motion even here). He was running back and forth between four ovens and bringing food out to the lines that were there waiting for pies each time by the time he arrived. Ummm, I finally know where I get my style… Alan isn’t the only one in the family who isn’t afraid to sport some socks n’ flops! Sorry for all the candid shots, but there was so little time to snap.


    Here is what the yummy pies looked like before they got covered by the individually torn sheets of aluminum foil.

    potPies-8254 by RockStars and Babies.

    These girls with finely manicured nails cut over 200 sheets of foil that were carefully tucked around the tops of the pot pies before they got stacked to make their journey to the boardwalk. Every pot pie served was still hot, some so much so, that we had to let them them cool for a few minutes before serving.

    foilDoug Daschner (my daddy) helped me set up and hand out food.


    Project Pot Pie 2014 was also a huge success due to all the donations we received this year!! Thanks to Steve and Nancy Cottrell (friends who donated both 200 toothbrushes and money), Cheryl Legan (Ashley’s mom, who donated a load of personal care items and money), Doug Daschner (my daddy, donated time and $$), and to all the others who generously gave for Project Pot Pie 2014 including Marcia Frazier (cousin) and David Berman, Patricia Betts (nana – gma), Billie Guillot (great-aunt), Debbie (mom and hubby) and Frank Davis, and Melinda Ferson (cousin). Thanks to all those monetary donations most of the cost of the day was covered and the gift bags were literally overflowing! We couldn’t do it without you guys!!! Special thanks also to Chess and the others on the boardwalk who while patiently waiting for pies helped us to move all the gift bags after we were gently told by the police that we needed to move down to “the yellow squares” where we were able to complete the operation.


    I wish I wasn’t so terrible with names but the guy standing by the trashcan and the one next to my dad were instrumental in helping to move the tables and bags (they were super heavy). My dad had been in Vegas for a company pumping convention that he had to take a big RV down for. Once set up he rode a motorcycle out of the RV and 5 hours into Marina del Rey to visit. The day before pot pie day he drove back to Vegas, put the motorcycle back in the RV and headed towards Nashville when the RV suddenly broke down in Kingman, AZ. It would be at least 3 days before they could fix it so he hopped on the bike and rode it out of the RV once again for 4 hours back to Marina del Rey and made it just in time for Pot Pie day! It was an awesome and unexpected surprise to have him be a part of the big day! I hate that he broke down but secretly was happy it happened because it meant we got to spend more time together.

    The first line as the hot pot pies began to arrive. These two guys are best friends and were super grateful for all the hard work that went into the day and wanted to have a picture made.


    So I took one before as they were receiving the pies and one after as they were enjoying them on the grass.

    PotPieProject2014srgb-9389The second line just beginning to form.


    The guy below had walked from NY and was headed for the SM pier before he was to walk all the way back to New York. He was on such a mission, he didn’t even have time to stop for a pot pie but recorded a bit of the action as he walked on by.


    This guy, Enthios, is a writer and an incredible artist.


    Check out his art here at , this is an example of his work.

    Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 2.000

    Me with a couple of the guys!


    Again, I wish I were better at remembering names, this guy pictured with my dad and I was super cool, too!


    Thanks again to EVERYONE involved in making PROJECT POT PIE 2014 – A Huge SUCCESS!!! Much love to all and I hope everyone is up for doing the same next year… Next years goal… 200 pies for Venice Beach and 100 for Skid Row!



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