Project Pot Pie 2017 ~ Success!!!

    Wow! On November 4th, 2017, The Girl Scouts (Sam Carlson heading it up), RockStarsandBabies, and friends made 1,500 hot pot pies and 1,000 gift bags for the homeless people on neighboring beaches and Skid Row.

    I started Project Pot Pie 17 years ago from a tiny studio apartment kitchen that didn’t have a full size oven but was on Ocean Front Walk.

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    It was a cold rainy day and I had made a big pot pie for my then boyfriend and I. Instead of saving the leftovers we took them out to the homeless people that had just been kicked out of the carport they were seeking shelter in (it was a rainy and cold day) by the police. The pot pie was steaming hot and we took them out on paper plates. I didn’t have enough for everyone and felt really bad about it. You can read more about the back story in the blog from last year here.

    I decided I would do it again and again and again and made it a tradition. A tradition that exponentially grew each year (or at least got close to exponential growth). One day there will be a “National Pot Pie” day where people from all over the world will make and bake pot pies and deliver them to the homeless people in their areas or there will be a few days per year when it’s done.

    With the help of Sam Carlson it has a very high chance of becoming a reality. Sam came to help when we were making them at Ashley Halverson’s house, 5 years ago. The next two years we made them at Sam’s house.

    Sam and some of the Girl Scouts doing the whole operation from her house.

    Sam decided she wanted to do this for her Silver Awards Project. Sam’s mom, Kathy Vigil has been a major force through all this (it would not be possible to do on such a scale without her). Three years ago we did 600 pies, then 1,000 last year, and 1,500 this year! We ain’t stopping there!

    We also made 1,000 gift bags which included 100 “Period Pal Bags” created by Tessa Paoletta and her two friends that are using Period Pal Bags as their Silver Awards Project.

    Sam with the help of her mom, Kathy Vigil, and Gloria Halfacre turned Project Pot Pies into a service project last year. They were able to secure Mark Twain Middle School cafeteria to prepare pies in.

    This year we had 200 people sign up to help assemble the pies. Many were taking pies home to cook and bringing them back to the school so we could distribute them. We were at capacity so to make it bigger next year we will need at least one more cafeteria or another large space to fit everyone in (holler if ya have any suggestions).

    We rented the “big oven” again from Ericka at Bonne Bouffe and were afraid that even with the oven that could cook over 100 pies at once, we wouldn’t be able to bake them all and get them back to the school by 1PM for delivery.

    photo by Tim Walker

    Kathy, Sam, and I panicked a bit trying to figure out how we could possibly bake 1,500 pot pies in such a short amount of time so we reached out to social media (Facebook and Buy Nothing Mar Vista) in the final days. The response was incredible. Theresa scored us at least 5 ovens putting the word out to her neighbors and child’s preschool and the night before Ian put the word out and got us several ovens too. Those are just two examples of the many heros that stepped up in the final hours. In the end we turned people away who were coming to pick up pies to bake. What a great feeling!

    photo by Wen-Chia Parker

    I really wish I could thank each person individually and give a huge hug to everyone who showed up in one way or another. There really aren’t words to express my immense gratitude for each and every person who contributed to the day.

    Thanks Sam for turning this into your Silver Awards Project and for helping it to grow so quickly. It would not be nearly as big without you!

    Thanks to Kathy for being the master organizer and deal finder! I have no idea how you do it, but am very thankful for ALL you do for Project Pot Pie. You, Sam, and troop 925 put in so many hours on this and it means the world to me and every person we serve on Project Pot Pie day!

    Gloria for allowing this to become a service project and for all your behind the scenes and in front of the scenes help!

    To the girls of troop 925 that worked tirelesly making blessing bags, collecting items, setting up, tearing down, assembling pies, cooking them….. The list goes on and on these girls worked HARD! I’m looking at you Sam, Zoe, Rachael, Hailey, Jennifer, and Aurora.

    To all the Girl Scout Troops that showed up!

    To Margaret, Doug, and Grace, thanks for being with the Bonne Bouffe oven all day and for running pies around and to Erica at Bonne Bouef for opening up her place for us once again this year for a very resonable rate.

    To Tessa Paoletta and friends for the Period Pal bags.

    To the topping makers: Kathy, Diana, Keith, and Julie – these people made the crust from scratch for 1,500 pot pies the night before! Heros.

    To Josh, Thomas, Lycia, and the other 2 people with The Drive By Do Gooders, who helped deliver pot pies and gift bags. Also special thanks to Nathan for joining the Drive By Do Gooders and for all his muscle power, lifting the stuff some of us could not. Special shoutout to Kelly, Alex, Akane, and Danielle for all your help too!

    To those involved with HHHH AKA Henry H. and The Homeless Helpers (Emily, David, Henry, and Calvin) who made a monetary donation, let me make a huge mess of their living room with blessing bag materials for over 2 weeks, helped to stuff 550 blessing bags and then showed up on the day to assemble, bake, and deliver pot pies.

    To ALL the bakers, I couldn’t possibly list you all, but thank you so much! Thanks to all the parents, friends, neighbors, and people that saw us on social media and in some way or another showed up to help.

    To all who donated goods and/ or money for the project, including but not limited to Tim, Steve, Nancy, Emily, David, Cheryl, AshleyMargaret, Lynn, Steven, Melinda, Christian, Marcia, Neil, Mom, Frank, and Celia (If I forgot to mention you please forgive me and let me know).

    Again, thank you to everyone for making my favorite day of the year the best one so far! I love you all! Happy Holidays everyone!

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