Project Pot Pies 2013, success!

    Project Pot Pie 2013, success!!!! We shopped for socks and milk and commenced the cooking about 11:30AM. Ashley’s mom, Cheryl dropped off about 50 care bags which were already beautifully filled in elegant backpack style bags. Ashley, Maya, Kelly and the kids started to fill the other 200 bags with the granola bars so generously donated by Julie Saliba at Quaker Foods, the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and socks so abundantly donated by Steve and Nancy Cottrell, and the rest of the items so charitably bought/and or saved up from the rest of the gang, including Kathy Vigil who would’ve been there for the day if not for super cool Vegas plans with her sister. Kathy did the bulk of the shopping for us a couple of days before, adding in some of her own dough for the pie dough!

    potPies-8204 by RockStars and Babies.

    Aunt Kelly unpacking the socks

    potPies-8256 by RockStars and Babies.

    The gorgeous Saskia was a big help

    potPies-8251 by RockStars and Babies.

    Maya, Queen of the care bags!

    potPies-8215 by RockStars and Babies.

    It takes a village! Figgy and Tim on pie filling duty, Ashley, Saskia, Kelly, and Maya filling the bags.

    It was quite the production and we had an amazing team of people to help. Allana, Ashley, Tim, Figgy and I prepped, prepped, prepped, and cooked, cooked, and cooked! With Ashley, Kelly, and Maya rotating between pies and care bags all day. It was really cool to watch everybody work and very interesting how some of us really took charge of one task or another and others easily floated between jumping in here, finishing off this or that, then moving on to the next thing. We all helped each other out wherever needed and made sure we had fun while doing it. These people are truly special and wonderful peeps to know!

    potPies-8197 by RockStars and Babies.

    Thanks to Ashley, this day was possible we used her house for the operation and she is the master planner, without her the day wouldn’t have been near as awesome!

    potPies-8211 by RockStars and Babies.

    Allana worked her biceps and triceps all day long slaving away in the kitchen. She was the leader of the pie topping! Seriously, until you have done this, you couldn’t imagine what a workout it is!

    potPies-8213 by RockStars and Babies.

    Tim and Fi, working hard on the pie filling. This one of my fav’s from the day.

    potPies-8212 by RockStars and Babies.

    Tim and Fi’s masterpiece bowl full of pie filling. We made 4 recipes in each bowl!

    potPies-8225 by RockStars and Babies.

    a little part of the production line! This was Kelly’s table for quite a while!

    I wish I had pics of all the kids helping out but Cash and Presley went off shopping with their dad and unfortunately I didn’t have the camera out while they were still there. Thanks to Brandon too, for letting us invade your home for the project.  Saskia pictured way above with the care bags was a great big help and was in and out all day. Her little sister Fiona, “Figgy, or Fi”, was there pretty much all day and we kept her extremely busy. She worked her tail off for this production! She and Tim made lots of pie filling together and she was also Allana’s butter packaging opener. Here are a couple more of the beautiful Fi.

    potPies-8242 by RockStars and Babies.

    little Fi opening butter for Allana! Love this little chick!

    potPies-8220 by RockStars and Babies.

    Figgy on pie filling! This is my favorite pic from the day. This should be in a Campbell’s soup advertisement.

    Once the pies were filled, topped, and ready to go I was in charge of the oven. The pies always had to be rotated to the top rack before leaving the oven to have them done and browned properly. There were constantly pies going in and being rotated to the top rack. Ashley’s oven had 3 racks and we could cook roughly 36 pies at time in her oven staggering their start and finish times.  Maya and Allana’s ovens had two racks where we could cook about 24 pies at a time. Maya‘s oven ended up doing about 72 pies, Allana’s about 48 pies, and the rest we did in Ashley’s central station 🙂

    potPies2-8226 by RockStars and Babies.

    The oven. That big pie on the bottom was the one we made for all of us working that day. Most of us didn’t eat anything before. We broke into that about 3pm. It was so good!

    potPies-8236 by RockStars and Babies.

    photo credit, Tim Walker

    potPies-8232 by RockStars and Babies.

    photo credit: Tim Walker

    Maya’s husband, Jason watched the pies cook at their house across the street from Ashley’s. The ones from their oven were the prettiest! I think Jason must be a better cook than me 🙂 Here is part of a batch from Jason and Maya’s oven and what the finished product looked like. Yum! Yum! Yum!

    potPies-8254 by RockStars and Babies.

    the finished product!

    After all this it was finally time to deliver the pies. I wish we had a bunch of great photos of the gracious recipients but it was getting very dark by the time we made it out to the boardwalk. Allana, Tim, and I were the only ones who got the satisfaction of being able to give them away. Once there, we were way too busy to take photos. Thanks again to all to helped and contributed to our Project Pot Pies 2013, success!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! The people of the boardwalk thank you too! Much love to all!!!

    potPies-8264 by RockStars and Babies.

    Allana, as we set up for delivery out in front of Tim and I’s old apartment at the end of Dudley Ave on Ocean Front Walk.

    potPies-8263 by RockStars and Babies.

    A very, very, very few of the people we served. This was just as we arrived. The area was soon filled with hungry people.

    potPies-8266 by RockStars and Babies.

    Allana and I each holding a box of hot pot pies! Signing off!
    Photo credit: Tim Walker

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