Project Pot Pies 2015!!! Success!!!


    December 2015  – Goal 300 Pies….

    made – 400+ pies (for a combo of Venice Beach and Skid Row)!  No one saw that coming, but it’s what we did.

    For approximately the past 15 years I have been making pot pies for the homeless.  At some point me became we and one year my friend Maria pitched in and we made pies from 2 ovens that were in the same house… “wow”, thought me. 3 years ago my friend Ashley Halverson helped me organize and find people to help bake pot pies for the homeless and let us use her home; you can see the prep and success stories, if you like. One of those people was Kathy Vigil. Last year and this year, Kathy has opened her house as “the hub”.  She, along with her daughter Sam, troop-mate Giselle, her momma Patti, and other scouts and friends including Presley and her mom Ashley, helped RockStars and Babies to make the most pies to date. 400 and then some (just enough over for the girls and helpers to have lunch).


    These girls work hard. My hardest work day was always the cooking day(s)… now it’s the planning and these girls aren’t playing around. I think the most time I ever had “planning” was about 2-3 weeks (usually centered around what the coldest day predicted was between Thanksgiving and Christmas) when it was a one man operation… now they want to start planning a whole year before.

    These Girl Scouts have completely hi-jacked my operation, but I mean that in the most beautiful way possible. I couldn’t be more grateful for them and their dedication and hard work.

    Sam and Giselle are leading the movements this year as they propel towards their “Silver Award”,  there will be lots more to come on their goals, 2016 ideas, and more after our first Project Pot Pie 2016 planning meeting. For now, enjoy these photos and a bit about the story that goes along with them.

    In early December Sam, Giselle, and I went shopping for the remaining items for our Care Bags. The girls had lots of it donated before and the generous monetary donations paid for most of the rest (shout outs to Steve and Nancy Cottrell, Cheryl Legan, Anastasia McGee, and Margaret Decker).



     We aren’t going to give away the recipe here, but these are some of the items we have to buy for 400 pot pies…
    160 cans of “Cream of”…. any vegetable Soup
    80 cans of Vegetable Broth
    We tend to use Campbell’s for the cream of vegetable condensed soups and Swanson’s for the vegetable broth and find they work together well.

    ** Campbell’s Soup and  Swanson…. donations are accepted 😉ready--9

    This has been said before but this should be on a Campbell’s calendar or a billboard somewhere, this one is from 2013:

    potPies-8220 by RockStars and Babies.

    For 400 pies, we also need:
    8 Gallons of Milk
    30lbs. of Flour and
    100 sticks of butter
    and a couple of other ingredients!


    The Process:

    mAkE thE PiES


    spOOn ThE mIXturE IntO tHe PiE pAnS


    ToP wiTH crUsT MixTuRE  (It’s homemade, not pre-fab):


    TAkE tHE pIeS ouT Of ThE oVEn!!!  YuMmYYYY!

    potPies-8254 by RockStars and Babies.

    cOVeR WiTH AlUmInUm FoIL:

    tobeCookedThe girls tore 300 individual sheets of aluminum foil to top the pies with (plus planned all year by saving the great boxes the pies as well as the gift bags were sent out in):shopVenice-4638

     OpErAtION cArE bAgs!!

    The Care Bags this year were awesomely stocked!
    We couldn’t have done it without the hard work of these girls securing donations from friends, family, teachers, health care professionals, hotels, and active community members.
    Troop 16815, Thank you so much for giving us 60 completed Care “blessing” Bags!
    We made 300 Care Bags in total! They contained some pretty awesome things like:
    Boxed Water: “Boxed Water is Best” kindly donated by the Rameriz family.
    Plastic ware, napkins, and wet wipes donated by Ms. Mills and Ms. Sandler

    Socks for all 300 bags that Kathy and her brother managed to score for a super awesome price!


    toothbrushes, toothpastes, and mouthwashes donated by local dentists and Steve and Nancy Cottrell, oatmeal, hot chocolate, granola bars, applesauce, lady hygiene products (100 specially marked bags contained these) and more from various sources and monetary donations.


    The bags had other contents as well, but you get the idea.

    The girls didn’t just deliver to Venice Beach….

    They also went to a few underpasses, the one below is around Venice and the 405.  Before the end of the year there were many people who had set up camp there, after the New Year they have disappeared. Anybody know where they all went?


    and lastly, they visited downtown where people were left wanting more pot pies after the last of 400 were served.


    Special Thanks to all who participated in Project Pot Pie 2015 and The Silver Award!


    We don’t have photos of everyone and I apologize in advance if I leave anyone out (please let me know if I have).

    ThAnKs To OuR bAkERs!

    bakersphotos in above collage by: Patti… (Thanks Patti, also for driving ALL day between various baker homes’)

    #3 Giselle, Lucy, Sam, and Olivia
    #4 Silvia Shelp
    #6 Jeff Davis
    Thanks to these helpers too:
    helpers#1 Karen Haas- was there all day from helping with preparing pies to sitting on Venice Beach all day (mostly by herself) keeping the crowd informed as to when the next pies would arrive and serving them up till the girl scouts arrived.
    #2 Tim Walker – Crust maker extraordinaire!
    #3 Alan Frazier – delivery driver to Skid Row this year…. along with Asia Mechioff and Jeremy Little (not pictured, but thanks y’all)
    Thanks also to:
    Tiffany from 925 –  pies
    Sarah from 5325 – pies
    Mara Richards 5265 – donations for care bags
    Sam’s teacher, Ms. Zullo for the canned food drive collecting soup
    Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Pamphile, Miss Flynn, Mrs. Edee, and Mrs. Laura

    2015 was awesome! Stay tuned for the plans for 2016 and more info on the Silver Award coming soon. Please like and share <3

    Love to all!

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