Sunset Sails with the Tuesday Tita’s!

    These girls rock. We have deemed ourselves the Sunset Tuesday Tita’s! The Urban Dictionary describes Tita: “A word of Hawaiian origin, which can be used to describe a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able to think for herself, and FIERCE in a number of different ways. A Tita is a woman who can hold her own and doesn’t take any crap. It’s a good thing to be a Tita.”


    Captain Margie

    We meet near sunset on random Tuesday’s and go sailing on Captain Margie’s boat! The Tita’s can sometimes be found on other boats and days too as Monica and Gaby are also marina Captains.


    Captain Monica


    Captain Gaby


    Yoga on the bow of the sail boat? Why not? We had a blast. The photo below comes from Silvia (thanks, Silvia)


    Gabby, Monica, Margie, Julie, and I

    The momma and baby whale seemed to like it, they appeared right as the yoga photo was snapped. They weren’t into doing acrobatics for us, but just being in their presence and hearing their song made us all happy (even more happy than we already were which seemed impossible at the moment).


    Julie, Silvia, Andrea, and I are skippers, or grasshoppers, I should say as we are trying to soak all of the technicalities of sailing in (Julie will soon be a captain too as she on the prowl for a sail boat… if either of my blog readers know of a great sail boat for sale send me a message so I can pass it on).


    Soon to be Captain Julie!


    Silvia with stars in her eyes!


    Andrea (this photo taken by Silvia)


    Me (photo by Silvia) with my Hydroflo Pumps hat on.

    The Tuesday Titas: Margie is a photographer, Julie is a private detective that works on noble environmental cases, Silva works in the tech industry and speaks 3 languages, Monica is mid-wife AKA “baby catcher”, Gaby is a free-spirited hair artist, Andrea is a yoga instructor, and I am a photographer and help people to find jobs. Cheers to my fellow Sunset Tuesday Tita’s and to all you other Tita’s out there too! Here are a few more from our sunset sails. Thanks y’all, I can’t wait to do it again!


    Silvia, Margie, and Julie




    Julie “Jules”




    Monica and Julie





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