Tita’s Sail to Catalina

    Life is ever-shifting and I couldn’t be more grateful than to have met these fascinating souls along my path. 4 of the 7 or so of us, “Tita’s”, sailed to Catalina together over Memorial Day weekend aboard Margie’s graceful, “Haunani”. As mentioned in the first blog I did about my initial sailing adventures with these ladies a Tita is:

    “A word of Hawaiian origin, which can be used to describe a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able to think for herself, and FIERCE in a number of different ways… A Tita is a woman who can hold her own and doesn’t take any crap. It’s a good thing to be a Tita”.

    A very good thing.

    This is a little side note, but Tim and I have to move… soon. I lived in Venice Beach for a little over 9 years (with Tim for the last five) and we have lived in the Marina for 4. We wouldn’t be choosing to move but because of all the marina development, we have to. I will cherish my last 60 days or so in the marina by watching every sunset I can on the beach with Tim and hanging as much as I can on the water with these enchanting sailor friends (also lovers of the dinghy).

    After combing through WestSide Rentals, Craigslist, and the likes… since Google has moved in, it is crystal clear that we are being pushed out along with many others that we know (including my Uncle and Auntie).  We are up for an adventure. Ideally, a house with a little bit of land near the sea still in California where I can have my own sustainable garden and still be able to do my awesome job (while paying equal to or less than we are now)… just putting it out there no matter how long of a shot it is. If you know of any dreamy pads or have any suggestions on where to look please let us know.

    Ok, enough about the upcoming forced move, now, back to our awesome sail. Thank you so much, Margie, for giving us this experience. It was like no other. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out, and we all love you! You are such a fun person to adventure with 🙂


    This picture of Gaby, cracks me up. She looks like a perfect dazzling little 60’s-70’s Madmen housewife here, bringing pie (or her homemade lasagna in this case) to the family. So freakin’ cute! It embodies her kindness and gentle spirit. Gabriela has a big bright smile that can light up anybody’s day, and is so full of genuine love.


    Silvia rocks, this girl never stops. She has the energy of an 8 year old (I mean that in the best way). She goes on a 4 day sailing trip, gets home, and 2 hours later takes off to work overnight with a drive to Arizona. I admire this Tita so much. There is no doubt about her fierceness! I love this image of her, it is so Silvia. Having a moment to herself, giving thanks, and making the birds fly. Her first language is spanish, but she also speaks french and english fluently. She is helping me with my french and makes us all laugh while perfecting her english sometimes. She was describing some special ice blocks or something that go into a fancy gin and tonic (like the one she was making for us) and referred to it as “frozen windows”.


    Silvia is always taking pictures with her iPhone (she rocks at it). Over the weekend we had lots of cameras and photographers aboard and the cameras were pretty much a free for all. Here are some of the images she took with my camera. This one of Margie and Gaby rocks!


    With other photographers on board, there is always proof that I was actually there as well lol. I much prefer the other side of the camera, but thanks for snapping this Silvia.


    Here are a couple of Silva’s “artsy-fartsy” shots as Margie calls them.



    They are pretty cool 🙂titaCatalina2-0169

    Here are a few of my “artsy-fartsy” nature shots. I am obsessed with birds. I love sea birds, sea rats, or whatever people chose to call these beautiful things 🙂


    titaCatalina-0294We loved their home in “Emerald Isle, Catalina” as much as they do. I can certainly see why they live there…. I wonder where we will live next.
    titaCatalina-0287Here are a few more of the girls on our awesome adventure. Thanks so much ladies for the experience. It was nice to have beautiful friendship, big adventures, zero drama, and healing talks. There is really something about traveling with friends, it is so nice to get to know people on a deeper level than just your everyday how is the weather conversations… I needed it.

    The hammock was awesome! I wanted to fly in it… and kind of did, the wind would take us high enough to go over the safety lines. Margie wasn’t near as impressed with the hammock as Gaby and I were, it made her a bit queasy. I seriously considered sleeping out there.

    titaCatalina-0394Margie in her element, taking photos and promoting love! Check out the promote love movement. We are looking forward to hanging again with Margie’s great friend, Steph , who started it all next week.


    Silvia, happy on the paddle board!


    Margie snapping away again!


    Beautiful Silvia just chillin!


    Gorgeous Gabriela. She and Margie both have the coolest blue eyes!


    I wanted to do some “long exposure” photos, but as you might guess they don’t really turn out as realistic as what you can see while rocking in a boat. Fire on the water.


    On the way back we had a technical malfunction and ended up sailing back with no instruments, water, or gas, but we held our course just fine and met this enormous being along the way.


    Thanks again girls, I can’t wait to do it again…      Until next time we meet aboard the great “Huanani”.



    Love to all!

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